The Juicy Steak Beef Rub

The Juicy Steak Beef Rub

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This one is the Queen Mum's favorite ! Cracked pepper, coriander, red pepper - oh my! It is a perfect addition to any of The Spice Kings to pepper things up!

THE JUICY STEAK - beef and potatoes blend.





Suggested uses:

Steak, burgers, pork chops, potatoes, carrots


THE JUICY STEAK’S Caramelized Carrots



4 carrots

½ medium onion

2 Tbsp water

2 Tbsp of THE JELLY QUEENS GHEE or butter or oil

Sprinkle with THE JUICY STEAK



Wash, scrubbed and thin slice 4 large carrots

Peel and thin slice ½ medium onion

Warm your skillet to medium

Add two tablespoons of water, carrots and onions and gently steam till water is gone and carrots begin to get tender

Quickly add two tablespoons of The Jelly Queens Ghee, butter or your favorite oil

Increase heat to medium high and sprinkle with THE JUICY STEAK

And cooking till well caramelized

The Jelly Queen uses this as a dressing on top of mashed potatoes


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