Jelly Testimonials

AARON SANCHEZ   – So fun, so kind to The Jelly Queens!
known for… Pot – co-host with Alex Garcia, Boy Meets Grill, Iron Chef America, The Next Iron Chef, Chopped, Throwdown! with Bobby Flay, Chefs vs. City – co-host with Chris Cosentino, Heat Seekers – co-host with Roger Mooking, Aaron loves New York, The Taste. On The Jelly Queens RASPBERRY CHIPOTLE JAM: “I LOVE this! YUMMY! I love the heat in this ! You really are the Jelly Queen”!
MING TSAI – One of People Magazine’s MOST Beautiful People (And I have to say –  so fun and so smart too!!) Also known for: James Beard Award Best Chef, Author of four cookbooks:Blue Ginger, Simply Ming, Ming’s Master Recipes, and Simply Ming: One-Pot Meals, Owner of Blue Ginger. TV Shows: East Meets West, ZOOM, Top Chef, Cooking Under Fire, Iron Chef America, Next Iron Chef and the coolest…National spokesman for the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN); one of his sons has food allergies. He was the first chef in the United States to create a reference book that lists each allergen for every menu item. On The Jelly Queens RASPBERRY CHIPOTLE JAM …FANTASTIC !! And then he teased me about feng shui ! He is the 116 grandson of the Yellow Emperor, HuangDi
AMANDA FREITAG, known for…(she is the coolest) Chopped, Iron Chef America, The Next Iron Chef, On The Jelly Queens’ RASPBERRY CHIPOTLE JAM…“WOW! Interesting… WOW! WHAT! YUM ! Mmmm I’m just gonna take a nap cause this feels like Sunday morning and I just had breakfast”

ANDREW ZIMMERN, known for …Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern,
Bizarre Foods America, Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre World, Dining with Death. For his work on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern he was presented the James Beard Foundation Award in both 2010 and 2103. 
On The Jelly Queens RASPBERRY CHIPOTLE JAM: “Ohhhh Fantastic! What a great gift! That’s rrrreal nice”!  


PAULA DEEN, known forHost of the Emmy Award Winning Paula’s Home Cooking, Paula’s Party, Paula’s Best Dishes, Top Chef – Judge, MasterChef – Judge. On The Jelly Queens STRAWBERRY BLACK PEPPER JAM AND 6 PEPPER JELLY, “Oh Honey! I am gonna take a stick of butter and melt it with that jar of jelly and pour it over naked wings! Mmmmm! Can I come back there and make my own Strawberry Black Pepper Muffin?”