Jelly Lesson #4 -The Rules of Jelly

  The Rules of Jelly 1. There shall always be jelly in the fridge. ALWAYS 2. There is no food that is not made tastier by the addition of jelly. Jelly make great BBQ, salad dressing, icing, pizza – the list goes on and on – ask me for recipes!
3. There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who like jelly. And. Those who will be used as fodder in the case of a zombie apocalypse. 4. There shall be no jelly discrimination – savory, sweet, tangy or tart all can be life altering. 5. Jelly has zero health risk – zero fat and only make things easier – where do you think the saying “I am on a jelly roll” came from… 6. Meals with out jelly are rarely worth eating 7. Thou shall always consume jelly on the Sabbath, the Mondath, and the Tuesdath and …. 8. Since it is found in very country on the planet and everyone has a favorite flavor – clearly Jelly makes life better. 9. Watch out for the Banana Crack (aka Banana Nut Bread Jam) – it is not only the best jam on the planet – although it is organic – it is addicting. 10. The Jelly Queens' will always take care of your jelly needs... we have over 200 flavors!